To ensure the highest standards each bag is made with care and love. We attach great importance to quality and craftsmanship.

Used the best materials to ensure durability and timeless style.

Our bags are made by professionals who have mastered their craft and have years of experience in the production of high quality accessories. Their passion and commitment are reflected in every seam and detail.



We source our cotton fabrics from Germany from our trusted supplier who has been in the business for 25 years.

It allows us to work closely with suppliers and ensure that fabrics meet our high standards.

The majority of our models are made of 100% water-repellent cotton, making them perfect for any weather. Whether it rains or the sun shines, the things in our KAYA bags stay dry and protected.



If our bags are washed at 30 degrees Celsius, there is a possibility that the impregnation will be affected.

If possible, the bags are cleaned with a damp cloth, a lint roller or a soft brush. A mild soap solution can be used for stubborn stains.

To prolong the life of the bag and maintain the waterproofing, we recommend that you regularly refresh it with a water repellent spray or waterproofing agent. This allows the bag to remain water repellent even after washing.

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